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HARUZ-GRUP SRL company launches a pilot project on the order of goods via the Internet and FREE home delivery.
           To do this : 
   1. Enter the ,,Catalogue" section 
   2. Choose for each product in the relevant field desired number (default is 1).
   3. Confirm the selected number by clicking on the icon of the basket, which is located next to the "quantity".
   4. When you are finished selecting the required quantity of products - click on "Basket" which is located at the top of the page.In   
        the same column contains information about the total amount of the order. It must be remembered that free home delivery is  
        carried out with an order amount not less than 400 lei.
   5. After checking the order, please click on the "GO TO ORDER".
   6. Then it will open you a Table to fill your personal details required to implement the delivery.
   7. After filling out the required fields, please click on the "Receive".
   8. This order is sent automatically to the operator who will confirm it (by Internet or telephone, call you back and specify the time 
        of delivery)