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It seems that the adventures of Phileas Fogg and his servant Passepartout, who traveled around the world in 80 days two centuries ago, still move us. Even now, in the XXI century, hundreds of young people try to walk on their steps. You have this opportunity too. Although your journey won’t be as long and dangerous, it will not be less interesting.

Each corner of the restaurant-pub "Passepartout" is a memory of the places visited by the personages of Jules Verne. It is very interesting how each country has found its own reflection in something special. Here you will discover English, French, Italian and Spanish cuisines, Chinese tea ceremonies, spirits from all around the world, hookah, and cocktail-parties.
You have at your disposal two rooms: a pub and a restaurant.

The design of the pub "Passepartout” harmoniously combines traditions of different countries; still, through its atmosphere, it represents the classic pub, with its warm spirit of friendship which makes conversations easy. Some will feel that this place is much like an English tavern with wooden chairs and tables, pictures on the wall, statuettes and old pieces arranged throughout the room. Some things will remind you of the American Wild West. Others, for example the medieval pieces in the retired corner of the room, have a distinctive Oriental touch.

The restaurant "Passepartout”, established at the second floor of the building, is the perfect place for different banquets, parties and meetings between friends.

If you wish to relax, "Passepartout” has two hotel rooms, where you will find all modern facilities, including Internet access and satellite antenna.


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